Tips For Staying Safe on the Construction Site

The world would grind to a halt very quickly without the work our construction teams do and without the creation and maintenance of buildings that go on at many construction sites each and every day!  However, there are countless horror stories about accidents, injuries, and even fatalities that occur on the work site – and

How Chemotherapy Treatment Can Lead to Permanent Hair Loss

For the millions of men and women who have had to suffered from hair loss, it is an aggravating, depressing and embarrassing condition, regardless of whether it is caused by illness, injury, hereditary conditions, trauma, or medication side effects. While all these hair loss conditions are different, they all have a damaging effect on the

Potential Problems During Pregnancy and Childbirth

While pregnancy is a wonderful thing for many families and most women are excited about the new baby and have good pregnancies and childbirth experiences, there are cases where things do not go so well. When things do not go as planned or when problems arise this can cause problems for the mother as well

Just For Men Allergic Reaction Lawsuits

Hair color allergic reactions are something that users need to be aware of and consider carefully before choosing to use a hair coloring product. While they are rare, harmful side effects from medication and other products are possible and these make up part of the law suits that fall under personal injury cases. Of course,

Legal Issues Regarding The ‘Tide Pod Challenge’

Since 2012, eight people have died after ingesting the contents of Tide laundry pods, and the manufacturer may be legally responsible for these deaths. A number of teens in New York and elsewhere have placed the detergent pods into their mouths and measured the effects. These effects include foaming at the mouth and uncontrollable coughing.

What Are Virtual Currencies?

If you have been paying attention to the news lately, you have probably heard a lot about Bitcoin, one of the many virtual currencies that has been getting a lot of press. But what exactly are virtual currencies, and do currencies like Bitcoin have any real value? In a world where technology seems to evolve

When Your Employer Does Not Keep Accurate Overtime Records

Most employers who have full time employees working for them are required to keep records of hours worked and pay overtime rates for anything worked beyond a normal 35-40 hour work week. In some cases, though, the employer doesn’t accurately keep records of employee’s work hours or overtime logged each week.  In some cases, it